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With all the recent celebrity divorces and splits these days, we almost feel as though we’re the product of a broken home. Fortunately, however, we’re happy to report that at least one marriage is still blissfully intact.

Thankfully, Seventeen Magazine will continue to shamelessly plug itself on the next season cycle of America’s Next Top Model despite shifting the reins to a new EIC after the Toos’ big departure:

Though new editor in chief Ann Shoket did not become America’s next top teen magazine editor in time for shooting, a spokeswoman for Seventeen said Carissa Rosenberg, Seventeen’s entertainment director, would appear in her place for the coming cycle of the popular show.

Thank goodness! Because when we watch the girls plaster giant, fake smiles all over their faces week after week, and feign surprise whenever the exact same prizes—that, invariably, never lead to the winner’s becoming America’s next “top” model—are announced, we’d really hate for Seventeen not to be a big, fat** part of it.

**no offense, Tyra

Jan 12, 2007 · Link · Repond

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