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Les Moonves Tries To Lure You With Sweet Smell Of Hard Liquor Lime Mojitos

From the NYP:

CBS is hoping to give TV viewers a flavor for its new fall show, Cane, with ads consumers can actually taste. The network is rolling out an unusual magazine ad that tastes like a lime mojito to promote its prime-time series about a powerful Cuban-American running a rum and sugar business in South Florida.

Before eventually settling on a marketing strategy featuring the lime mojito-flavored ads, CBS execs also reportedly tossed around—then rejected—various other drug and alcohol-related concepts, including “Hey! Smells like vomit!” ads and Scratch n’ Sniff crack cocaine.

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“Showtime is known for content that is too racy for network television, so it is perhaps fitting that its latest slogan should be inappropriate for the networks, too,” writes the suddenly-prudish NYT. “A two-minute promotional spot on the cable network features the slogan, “The Best Stuff on Television,” although the actual third word is an expletive that cannot be used by family-friendly networks (or newspapers).”

Family-friendly newspapers? Ha! Since when did the Gray Lady become so modest?

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And We Mean Tacky In A ‘Grown Man Dressed Up Like A Giant Banana’ Sort Of Way

“There???s a lot of pieces of crap here for a lot of money,” Bass complains. “And I don???t think anyone here has any style. I was looking at fully furnished places and it was like, you can either have a bunch of floral prints or some dusty couch from the 1960s.”

Angry words! Especially coming from the self-proclaimed style connoisseur who once wore this. And this. And, lest we forgot, this.

In other news, does anyone else find it strange that the main advertiser for the Lance Bass Picture Gallery (at is none other than…WSJ Online?

[via Queerty]

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Related: You May Want To Rethink Listing ‘Dick In A Box’ Under Favorite Music

Facebook announces a plan to mine user profiles for targeted advertising. Google is momentarily jealous before quickly remembering that (a) they already do that, and (b) they’re about to own Facebook, anyway.

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Come on, that video of my dog skateboarding is art

In a foolhardy attempt to make money off of the Internet, Google launched ads above YouTube clips yesterday. The InVideo ads cover the bottom 20 percent of the screen, and disappear if they???re not clicked on in 10 seconds. Thank god, because the furniture humping demographic was so elusive before.

The reaction? Not so good. User dsfkdjfkfj has this to say, 32 times, ???FUCK YOU YOUTUBE! THIS SUCKS. NO ONE WANTS TO SEE SOME SUCKY ADS!??? So true! Speaking of which, have you visited our advertisers lately?

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ABC thought it was so smart, capitalizing on the popularity of Geico’s cavemen to create a sitcom based on the ad spot’s characters. (Perhaps you’ve already seen it?) Too bad the show – which, we’re going to guess, will perform miserably when it comes to Nielsen – is proving a tough sell to advertisers. You see, some of television’s biggest spenders are, yep, insurance companies — and none of them (like New York Life, Aflac, and perhaps even Gieco) will be spending their dollars during the timeslot.

Aflac is steering clear. The company said its broadcast ad dollars on Tuesday nights will be “concentrated” on “NCIS” and “The Unit” on CBS, which “better reach” its target audience. And New York Life’s media buyer won’t put his client’s ads in the show either. “Why would you want to put your ad in somebody else’s ad?” asks Gene DeWitt of DeWitt Media Options.

Though if that’s true, someone should really tell Buick that Tiger Woods happens to wear a lot of swooshes around their cars.

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‘F.A.T. Chance, Luckily, There???s Plenty Of [Mo’Nique] for Everybody’ Says The Ever Subtle NYT

• Mo’Nique is like Oprah twenty years ago: overweight and hellbent on world domination.

• If you ever find yourself laughing at a commercial, Slate is here to ruin it for you.

• Forget those old magazines with half of the pages stuck together. Now you can see those vintage Anna Nicole Smith crotch-shots on DVD!

Forbes did the math and found out that investing in Matt Damon is actually more profitable than anyone could have imagined.

• Nothing says “I love you” quite like a Brangelina postage stamp.

• At least Madonna’s illegally adopted African boy got a taste of the good life, for like, 5 seconds.

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Oscar Mayer Execs Feign Shock, Surprise

Avid bologna enthusiast (and advertising wunderkind) Jerry Ringlien has finally gone to that big Oscar Mayer weinermobile in the sky.

Reports AdAge:

Jerry Ringlien, best known as creator of the “My bologna has a first name” campaign, died of a heart attack Monday in Wilkesboro, N.C. He was 77.

Mr. Ringlien worked at Oscar Mayer for 23 years, rising to VP-marketing. During that time he worked on the “I wish I were an Oscar Mayer wiener” campaign and later revived the popular “wienermobile.”

Medical experts have pinpointed the cause of Ringlien’s death as fatal cardiac arrest, most likely caused by a steady 23-year diet of sodium, fat and nitrate.

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Much to the disappointment of school-aged children everywhere, Labor Day is approaching at a rapid clip.

Which means that autumn is just around the corner, and with it, comes a much-needed reduction in humidity, the beautiful foliage and of course, the gigantic, way-too-heavy-to-fit-in-your-work-bag fashion magazines, advertising way-too-expensive-to-actually-afford fall wardrobes, shown on way-too-skinny-to-be-anything-but-depressing fashion models.

Thankfully, WWD’s Memo Pad is on hand to give us all the boring deets (read: page counts and advertising numbers!) and to take a sneak peek at the various women pre-selected (by the high-powered EIC’s) to grace the respective mags’ covers for this veritable ad sales bonanza.


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I am American business. I watch CNBC.

— CNBC’s new slogan for its ad campaign – starring the likes of BET founder Robert L. Johnson, Sirius Satellite Radio’s Mel Karmazin, and Southwest Airlines chairman Herb Kelleher, which represents zero potential for conflicts of interest – that’s an early affront to the Fox Business Channel. Though, of course, the campaign was “in the works” before Rupert Murdoch ever hinted he wanted to launch a competing network. [NYT]

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Fergie Denies That She’s Been Singing About Candies, Refuses To Explain What ‘London Bridge’ Is Really About

Despite the fact that all of her songs sound like nothing more than annoying commercial jingles that make no sense, Fergie wants you to know that she would never, ever write songs* about her undying love for Candie’s. (However, she apparently has no objections whatsoever to wearing their tacky, “Jersey girl chic” clothing line in exchange for oodles of money).

The Sunday Times of London has printed an apology for a story that ran July 1 claiming that Stacy Ann Ferguson ??? aka Fergie ??? was being paid by Candie’s Inc. to name-check the brand in her song lyrics. “Although Fergie has a commercial deal with Candie’s in which she appears in advertisements for its clothing, this does not include the incorporation of the Candie’s brand into her lyrics. We apologize for the error,” the paper said Sunday.

Apology accepted! Assuming, of course, that by “accepted” you mean “Fergie’s lawyers are currently taking legal action.”


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And We Use The Term ‘Top Fall Pilots’ Loosely, As It Also Refers To That Show About The Geico Cavemen

“At least half a dozen highly anticipated broadcast network fall pilots have been leaked online,” reports TVWeek, adding that the leaked shows were “among the more anticipated, buzz-heavey titles of the fall,” leading some downloaders to wonder if the network and studios had leaked the programs themselves.

And while execs denied responsibility for the leak and reiterated a need to fight against piracy, TVWeek dutifully points out that, in the past, some networks have previously destributed premiere episodes online in advance of their debuts, but that “such promotional previews are often carefully timed to hit right before the regular broadcast of the show [and] are typically streamed via the network???s own Web site, or through other controlled environments.”

Meanwhile, not everyone was convinced.


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Criminally Bad Writing Never Pays—But Sometimes, It Offers You A Free Self-Tanner!

Allure staffers know you’re not really reading the mag for its insightful editorial pieces or up-to-the-minute hair and makeup tips. Let’s face it, you’re reading it because it’s the only magazine your at your doctor’s office other than Highlights (and some sickly looking kid already grabbed that) or because you bought a 2-year subscription for only $8.99 on ebay.

And that’s why they’ve upped their marketing campaign this time around, and discovered a little known strategy they like to call, “bribing you with expensive products.”

The magazine has stepped up its effort to make the most of print and online at the same time, bringing back its August sampling issue after a successful dry run last year. Many products advertised in this year’s version, which a cover line touts as “The Free Stuff Issue,” are available as samples, either bound into the magazine or through the Web site.

Our verdict? Any magazine that asks its readers “if you were going to get a nose job, whose photo would you bring to the plastic surgeon?” needs a hell of a lot more than free moisturizer to get those copies flying off the racks. Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’re off to satisfy our intellectual curiosity by reading the rest of Julia Allisons’ tips for maximizing your sex appeal in this month’s Cosmopolitan.

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Teen Vogue Is, Like, Totally Furious With YM! Which Is Funny Because Isn’t YM, Like, Sooooo Over??

• “Basically,” explains a totally not-crazy Teen Vogue devotee, “all we do is act like psycho stalker sex crazed rapist-murderers or really stupid girls or people who eat too much and start fights and type annoying and get on the general YM’s nerves.” Oh, is that all?

• The Canadians’ schadenfreude obsession with Conrad Black can probably be traced back to that time where he ditched the Canucks in order to become a British lord.

• ‘Does YouTube stifle creativity?’ wonders Slate. Um, clearly not!

• “As the chances of an alternative to Rupert Murdoch appear to wane,” writes the New York Times, “more Wall Street Journal staffers have polished their resumes and peddled them to rival publications.”


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TiVo’s Stopwatch data reveals TV viewers are more likely to fast-forward through your ad if you’re plugging how “Ford tough” your new truck is instead of, say, how fat you’re getting without a Bowflex.

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