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Who does Jesse James think he is…Tiger Woods? It’s beginning to look like it. In just one week’s time we were shocked over the allegations that James had cheated on the lovely Sandra Bullock with three mistresses. The West Coast Chopper dude appears to have been leading a whole lot more than just a double life.

The Tiger Woods scandal brought forth a few more mistresses with each passing day and the similarities in this situation are striking. So far we have heard from Michelle Bombshell McGee, Melissa Smith and Brigette Daguerre.

A fourth woman has now come forward claiming she too had an affair with Sandra Bullock’s husband. Although the woman has yet to identify herself, she is being represented by attorney Gloria Allred, who also represents a few of Tiger’s mistresses. Allred describes her client as a beautiful model and businesswoman who had a three-year relationship with Jesse.

Alleged mistress number four claims that she has text messages, photos and e-mails proving her affair with Jesse, but is unsure if she will come forward. Our guess is that she definitely will. Why would she hire an attorney if she had no intention of coming forward? She wouldn’t!

We’re willing to guess that the mistress count is not going to stop at four? Jesse James seems like a chronic cheater. What do you think?

See more photos of Jesse and his girls below: