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If you’ve ever had a yearning to drive by two people duking it out on the side of the road and shouting insults at one another, you want to see Total Divas Season 3 Episode 3.

Nattie gave Summer Rae a ride and Nattie got so pissed off at Summer Rae that she actually pulled the car over for an old time brawl. Insults were hurled and met with left and right swings. Yep — the rumble was on!

Healh issues threaten to sideline the wrestling career of Brie and Daniel Bryan. Daniel’s neck surgery is the culprit. Taking a slam from the ropes could end his life, if not just his career.

It shouldn’t be any surprise that John Cena is still having problems with Nikki. She’s put in a tough spot with the start his week.

When Rosa tries to mend a rift between known enemies, she encounters less than desirable results and Eva’s father and husband finally reach the boiling point in their wedding standoff. Ain’t love grand?

To find out how it all played out, watch Total Divas online and have fun!