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The awful decisions just keep on coming for Tori Spelling!

Fresh on the heels of rumors that Tori and Dean McDermott are headed for divorce comes word that reality TV’s most troubled couple is trying to make it work.

Sources say Tori and Dean are staying together for the kids and that Tori is determined to keep her family in one piece.

“Tori feels she owes it to [her children] to try and make it work with their dad,” says an insider close to the actress.

That’s almost never a good idea, but even more bafflingly, the anonymous friend of Spelling’s claims Dean’s affair and the couple’s endless marital woes may have actually been good for Spelling:

“She doesn’t like conflict. Dean’s always been the big voice in the family, but now? In many ways this has been great for her. It’s forced her to really speak up.”

The source adds, “Tori’s not a quitter. If it’s going to work out, no one knows. I don’t think she knows that herself. But that’s the kind of person she is. She won’t quit until she’s totally defeated.”

Yes, nothing like a little infidelity and the world’s most awkward reality show to save a marriage. We think Tori may end up “totally defeated” sooner than she expects.