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Azealia Banks is the lesser-known of the two azalea-named female rappers and she’s not happy about it.

Banks has attacked Iggy Azalea in the past and now it seems that she’s coming after anyone who collaborates with Iggy and their wives as well.

Iggy recently teamed up with T.I. on a track entitled “No Mediocre:”

The song inspired Banks to take a bizarre shot at T.I.’s wife, Tameka “Tiny” Harris, tweeting, “U say u want no mediocre…but have you seen your wife?”

Not surprisingly the rapper was less than pleased with that comment. T.I. attacked Azealia Banks on Instagram shortly after Banks tweeted (and deleted) her unprovoked diss.

Tip unleashed a bizarre torrent of insults on Banks, at one point even writing, “I will end you!” which many have interpreted as a death threat.

Here’s hoping Banks and T.I. are able to end this thing peacefully. T.I. fought Floyd Mayweather last month, we think that probably helped him learn a lesson about settling conflicts without violence.