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Australian actress Tania Zaetta received an apology from Australia’s military chief on Tuesday for falsely accusing her of engaging in sex with elite special forces soldiers during a 2008 concert tour at a military base in Afghanistan.

Air Chief Marshal Angus Houston met with Zaetta and her family to apologize for naming her in a defense briefing note, which was leaked to the press.

“There was no substance to the allegations,” Houston said in a statement. “Ms. Zaetta gave her time and her talent to entertain our forces serving in Afghanistan and she deserves our praise and our thanks. I have also made clear to Ms. Zaetta that she is welcome to again join a Forces Entertainment Tour in the near future.”

Zaetta, considered “one of the first foreigners to conquer Bollywood,” toured Australian Defence Force bases in Afghanistan and Iraq during early 2008 with a group of entertainers. A draft ministerial “hot issues brief” was published in various newspapers intimating that the 38-year-old actress had engaged in sex with several members of the Australian Special Air Services Regiment. Other entertainers touring with the group said in media interviews that they were so “managed” and tired during the trip that they could not imagine that this could be possible.

“I’ve heard of quickies mate, but you’d have to be really quick – we didn’t have time to do anything,” said John Clinton, from the country rock band The Wolverines. Additionally, various members of the Government of Australia denied that this was seriously suggested. Zaetta strongly denied the allegation, and demanded an apology.

Late last year Australia’s defense department and Zaetta reached an agreement to compensate her for “an unacceptable breach of privacy” in relation to “false allegations.”

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