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Tamra Barney turned 46 recently, but her face could pass for about half that age.

Astonishingly, Tamra has denied for years that she’s received any sort of plastic surgery.

Tamra’s bold. to be sure, but even the most brazen of Housewives can’t stand up to the interrogation tactics of Bravo boss man Andy Cohen.

Appearing on Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live, Tamra finally admitted she’s had work done, but only after Cohen relentlessly badgered her on the subject.

“Have you done something to your face?” Cohen asked, point blank.

Initially, Tamra held firm, stating “Nothing, zero.”

An admirably candid Cohen rebutted, “Fillers. I feel like I’m looking at fillers.”

“I haven’t. I mean, come on, I’m honest,” Tamra shot back, before sheepishly adding, “Maybe just a little.”

Comeon, Tamra! There’s nothing wrong with a few minor surgical enhancements, but lying about it just makes you look foolish.

You’re gonna be a grandmother soon. No one would blame you getting an injection or two if it helps you feel young!