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Suge Knight has had quite the eventful 12 months.

Suge was shot six times at a post-VMA party in August. Somehow he not only survived, but continued doing his gangsta-mogul thing.

Then a few months later, he nearly died from a blood clot (a result of the shooting) while being held in a Vegas jail.

Then, last week, Suge killed a man in a hit and run on a movie set. He’s been charged with murder and denied bail, but if you think that’s the end of Suge’s misfortune, you’re dead wrong.

Suge pled not guilty on Tuesday, then began experiencing chest pains while still in court. He was rushed to a hospital and kept overnight (handcuffed to his bed, of course).

Today there was some good news, as it was announced that Suge is out of the hospital and back in jail. Doctors has been effectively treated with blood thinners and was ready to return to the slammer.

Man, you know your life has hit the skids when going to jail qualifies as good news.

Best of luck, Suge!