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If you’re one of the few women on earth who’s immune to Ryan Gosling’s charms, prepare to have your defenses broken down.

It seems that in addition to looking the way he looks, Ryan has behaved like an ideal partner for Eva Mendes throughout the first seven months of her pregnancy.

For whatever reason, Eva wanted to keep her pregnancy under wraps at first. Maybe she didn’t want her body to be scrutinized by the tabloids, or maybe she rightfully assumed that if the women of the world found out she was pregnant by Ryan Gosling, it would become unsafe for her to got outside.

Either way, Gosling not only supported her decision, he did everything in his power to make the recluse life easier on her.

Yes, Gosling cooked, cleaned, and grocery shopped for seven months.

Sources say he basically waited on Eva hand and foot in order to ensure that she was as comfortable ads possible while hiding out at his apartment.

What a guy, eh? He looks okay with his shirt off, too.