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Paul Walker’s mother has filed for guardianship of Meadow Walker, Paul’s daughter with Rebecca Soteros. In papers filed Tuesday, Cheryl Walker claims due to her alcoholism, Rebecca Soteros is not able to care for 15 year old Meadow. Meadow and Rebecca already live with Cheryl in Los Angeles. Meadow moved from her mother’s house in Hawaii to live with Paul three years ago, due to her mother’s alcoholism.

TMZ previously reported that Rebecca has had two previous DUIs – one in 2003 and another last year. Sad.

Last month, it was reported that Meadow is set to inherit $16 million and it was in Paul’s will that his mother become Meadow’s guardian. According to the guardianship doc, Cheryl Ann is a registered nurse, has raised 4 children and is a “loving and responsible person.”

Photo via Facebook