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At an art exhibition featuring the late Linda McCartney‘s photography, Paul McCartney remembered his first wife and spoke some wonderfully kind words in her memory. The two met in 1965 while Linda was on a photo assignment for the Beatles. They married in 1969.

Paul, who just made it through a bitter divorce battle with second wife Heather Mills, spoke only of Linda and their time spent together. Linda passed away in April 1998 at their family ranch in Tucson, Arizona, after a courageous battle with breast cancer. McCartney said:

She was a great person to hang out with. She was so smart, funny and talented.”

Mills, by way of contrast, seemingly spends every waking moment trying to sway public perception of their breakup. In doing so, she has earned herself the image of gold digging bitter woman.

McCartney deserves to find another love like his first so that he can block out the nightmares of his second.