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Comedian Joan River has a new boyfriend– Perfect 10 founder Norm Zada. The couple met on the reality show How’d You Get So Rich? Photographers caught them in Manhattan where they had just finished having lunch together at Michael’s New York on Monday, August 17.

Perfect 10 showcases women who have less than perfect natural beauty and have not had cosmetic surgery. He started the business venture after a friend was rejected by Playboy because her proportions did not fit their perceived mold. He claims to have lost $46 million on the business venture.

Prior to his publishing stint, he was a mathematics professor at Stanford and Columbia and tried his hand as a money manager. Ever the entrepreneur, Norm later became a championship poker player after developing a mathematical system that he wrote about in his book Winning Poker Systems.

He is the son of 88-year-old mathematician and computer scientist Lotfi Zadeh, the inventor and developer of the field of “fuzzy logic”. His work in the field was recently recognized by The Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, who awarded him the 2009 Benjamin Franklin Award.

Rivers, 76, was named Celebrity Apprentice in May 2009, beating out professional poker player Annie Duke. We don’t have an exact age for Zada but we believe he is likely in his early sixties, based upon the known age of his father.

We would be remiss if we didn’t mention the fact that Joan Rivers hasn’t been a natural beauty for a good portion of her life. She loves to be tweaked on a regular basis and doesn’t mind sharing the details with anyone who will listen. We’re just saying…

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Photos: WENN