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Actress Nicole Kidman is struggling with the fact that her latest film Australia was a box office bomb. Her co-star was Hugh Jackman. The movie was directed by Baz Luhrmann, who she also worked with on Moulin Rouge.

She normally doesn’t watch her own performance on the big screen but she made an exception in this case. Nicole acknowledges that in her whole movie career, this was only the second time that she attended the screening of her own film. The first was Moulin Rouge. During an interview with an Australian radio show, Kidman spoke frankly about how agonizing it is for her. She claims to have squirmed in her seat through the entire showing.

“I can’t look at the movie and be proud of what I have done. I sat there and I looked at Keith and went ‘Am I any good in this movie?'”

Kidman, her daughter Sunday Rose and husband country singer Keith Urban, said a quick hello to their family after the screening and got immediately on a plane because the actress didn’t want to read any bad press about her performance.

Kidman is hinting that she may be planning to have another child and slow things down a bit.

Being sure not to alienate the rest of the cast, Nicole gave kudos to Hugh Jackman and 11 year old Brandon Walters, saying that they were “wonderful.”

Jackman was recently named People magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive. Check that out here.

Photo: Wenn