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The MTV VMAs have come and gone once again, and while we may not have been blessed with anything quite as memorable as the now-infamous Miley Cyrus twerk-fest of 2013, we were, as always, treated to some unforgettable fashion.

Yes, the fashions of the 2014 VMAs were the usual mix of bold, brilliant, and barely there, with some ungodly assaults on our eyeballs thrown in for good measure.

This year’s Image That’s Forever Seared Into Our Retinas For Better or Worse Award goes to the nearly nude Amber Rose who looked gorgeous as always, but we can’t help but feel she could’ve maintained a shred of dignity by leaving a little something to the imagination.

And of course, the annual Aw, The Poor Thing Doesn’t Have Any Lights in Her Dressing Room…Someone Get This Girl a Bulb! Award goes to Katy Perry.

Not only did her all-denim monstrosity have us worried about her eyesight, the fact that Katy brought Riff Raff as her date has us concerned about her mental health. Not good, KP.

Check out the gallery above for the rest of the good, the bad, the profoundly skanky.