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Jon Gosselin, who recently shed girlfriend Hailey Glassman, has found new love with former Greenwich, Connecticut native Morgan Christie. The father of eight met his new love interest on the ski slopes of Utah and she is reportedly a woman of great wealth.

The two hooked up over Thanksgiving, when Jon was snowboarding and Morgan was visiting relatives at the same ski resort. They hit it off and have been quietly carrying on ever since. Keep in mind, during this adventure, Heidi Glassman was led to believe that her man was visiting his grandmother. Their rocky relationship suffered a fatal blow when she found out he had lied about his whereabouts.

The 25-year-old Emory University grad is well-heeled, a definite plus for the guy without a job. The downside is the fact that she now resides in sunny California. That would be a significant commute back to Wernersville, Pennsylvania, where Jon spends time each week with his children.

Gosselin dumped Glassman near the end of December. She left him quite a Christmas surprise (see love note of sorts below) when she moved her things out of his Manhattan condo. Jon returned after spending the holiday with his kids, to find that his man pad had been trashed.

Kate Gosselin, Jon’s ex-wife, isn’t wasting any time getting on with her life. Besides looking bikini hot, she was seeking a new hairstyle to complete the look. The divorcee spent 20 hours last week getting sexy long hair extensions.

Check out photos below – include a Facebook pic of Morgan Christie and another of Jon and his new girlfriend up close and cozy.