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The U.S. District Court Judge Henry E. Hudson has sentenced Michael Vick to 23 months in federal prison. This comes from Vick’s involvement in a dogfighting operation.

The sentencing took place this morning. There were many supporters and protesters present outside the courthouse along with 25 television trucks. Hundreds of animal activist rights protesters milled around the area.

The judge felt that the NFL football quarterback had been less than candid about the killing of pitbulls and his drug use. Vick, in a black and white jail issued jumpsuit, agreed with the judge that he had made some bad decisions. He told the judge that he was willing to accept responsibility for his actions and live with the consequences.

The prison sentence will keep the fallen star behind bars for at least 19-1/2 months – or until 85% of his sentence has been served. He could have received a lesser sentence of 12-18 months but the judge felt that his failure to accept responsibility warranted the near maximum sentence for the crime.

The Atlanta Falcon player also received three years probation after his sentence is served.

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