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Lisa Rinna is set to join the cast of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills next season, and if what she says is true, she may turn out to be the most boring, lifeless Housewife the franchise has seen yet. For the simple reason that she’s just too sane.

Though Rinna is still playing coy, and claimed that she “can’t confirm or deny” that she’ll be joining the show when asked about RHOBH at a recent event, the former soap star happily gushed about the current cast:

“I do [watch the show] and I do know all the women,” Rinna told Us Weekly, “I can tell you that much … [I’ve known them] for years.”

A source confirms that Rinna “has been friends with Kyle [Richards] and Lisa [Vanderpump]” and gets along with the other ladies as well.

Makes sense. We can’t imagine Lisa needs the cash, as she and her husband Harry Hamlin were relatively in-demand at one point in their careers, and both still get semi-steady acting work (Hamlin plays Jim Cutler on Mad Men and had a several-episode arc on Shameless).

So it stands to reason that Rinna signed on for RHOBH because she recognized an opportunity to get paid for hanging with her girlfriends. Smart lady, that Lisa Rinna.