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If you watch Teen Mom online, then you’re already aware that Leah Messer is something of a trainwreck.

What you might not know is that her life has spiraled even further out of control since she announced her decision to leave the show.

Last month, Jeremy Calvert accused Leah of cheating in an angry Twitter tirade.

She denied, they seemed to get over it, and then Jeremy moved out on her a few weeks later.

Now Jeremy seems to have already found someone new, as he appears to be getting serious with a woman named Brittany Musick, and Leah is understandably not pleased.

Messer’s been posting cryptic Facebook messages about “seeking attention,” and refusing to intervene as her fans verbally assault Musick on Twitter.

Musick acknowledged her relationship with Calvert for the first time today, when she fired back against the haters:

“I’m not the homewrecker,” Musick wrote in response to the most popular taunt used by Leah’s fans. “If anyone, Leah is. I just heard about their divorce and he confirmed it, so why not talk to him and chill.”

“Why don’t you quit worrying about what I do and worry about your own life? K? Thanks.”

Oh, someone should really tell Brittany not to feed the trolls. They already have plenty of ammo from the leaked texts between Calvert and Musick: