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Just when we thought Lady Gaga had run out of ways to shock us…

Gaga and Taylor Kinney have been dating for three years, but it’s tough to assess the state of their relationship as they rarely appear in public together or talk about one another in interviews.

Even so, some hints they’ve dropped along the way lead us to believe there’s good chance that Gaga and Kinney got married recently.

First, there were reports that Gaga was spotted wedding dress shopping in Toronto. Her mom flew in for the occasion, so we’re guessing Gags wasn’t planning to just cover it in blood and vomit for her stage show or something.

Then there’s this:

Taylor’s Chicago Fire costar Sophia Bush posted this pic of she and Kinney to Instagram and it sure looks like he’s rocking a wedding band.

Think it’s for the show? Well, then check out Sophia’s caption:

“#ThatsHisPersonalRing #NotForTheShow #EveryoneCalmDown #LindsayAndSeverideArentMarried”

Gotta love that Sophia thinks two characters on Chicago Fire getting married is what everyone needs to “calm down” about.