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Sigh. We try to defend Kim Kardashian and then she goes and does something like this.

Okay, fine…We don’t try to defend her and it’s exactly because of things like this!

Kim dragged North West to Fashion Week for some reason (It’s not like she has a problem leaving the kid at home every other time she travels.), and as she was headed to the airport, well, like it’s the sort of blunder that makes it hard to defend her…

Kim forgot North West in the hotel and had to do U-turn to grab her baby in front of a swarm of Parisian paps.

Yes, it’s verified and it’s every bit as bad as it sounds. Click the link above for video.

Naturally Kim claims she didn’t forget North because she thinks we’re all idiots and didn’t see the plain-as-day “Oh, sh-t!” expression on her face when she realized the van was empty.

Look, every parent makes mistakes (though they’re usually not as big as almost leaving your kid in a foreign country), but Kim lost our respect when she lied to cover her sizable ass.

You could’ve won the respect of a lot of mommy bloggers by owning up to it, Kimbo.