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During Last night ceremony at the MTV Video Music Awards Kid Rock punched Tommy Lee. I don’t know why they didn’t show it, but at least it will be something to divert all the talk about Britney Spears performance or lack there of. People Magazine had this to say:

The MTV Video Music Awards prides itself on unscripted moments – and Sunday’s show was no exception: Kid Rock reportedly punched rocker Tommy Lee during the ceremony.

For details about the fight, continue reading this post.

As MTV veejay Sway reported during the post-show telecast: “Tommy Lee was sitting by Diddy. just walked up and decked him!” It was unclear how the fight started, and there was no immediate word on whether police got involved.

According to an onlooker in the audience, “They had each other at the necks, they were practically strangling each other.” Another eyewitness saw Tommy Lee escorted out, “screaming the f-word over and over again.” He was taken out into main casino in front of thousands of fans.

While the fight was not televised, it was certainly a topic of conversation during the ceremony.

As Jamie Foxx came out to present the Best New Artist award with Garner”, he joked, “Stop all of this white-on-white crime. Tommy Lee and Kid Rock fighting like black folks – it’s hilarious.” As the crowd hooted, Foxx, added, “Who won? I was in the bathroom.” And he noted, in jest, “Pamela Anderson has got a hard choice to make.”

Anderson has been married to both rockers, who have feuded in the past. While she most recently divorced Kid Rock – in February – she still maintains a friendship with Tommy Lee, with whom she has two sons.

Later in the telecast, Diddy also referenced the spat before introducing the final performance. “I was supposed to be doing this with Kid Rock, but you know, we got to stop the violence,” he joked. “It’s not just hip-hop artists that fight.”