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Rumors that Khloe Kardashian is pregnant date back to her time with Lamar Odom.

We’re always a little heartbroken when they turn out not to be true, because she’s spoken time and again about how badly she wants a family.

Well, if her latest Instagram post is any indication, it may finally be time for Khloe to bust out the non-alcoholic champagne!

Yes, the youngest Kardashian sister posted a photo today that certainly seems to indicate Khloe is pregnant.

Follow the link above, or take our word for it – the gal is either knocked up or messing with us!

Of course, given her sense of humor, the latter option is certainly a possibility.

But man, are we holding our breath for an official announcement. Sure, the uber-shady French Montana wouldn’t be our first choice for Khloe’s baby daddy, but she actually seems to like the, so whatevs.

We’ll keep you posted on whether this is Khloe’s uncharacteristically subtle pregnancy announcement or just a total bummer of a joke.