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With all the news about Tom Brady’s balls, you may have forgotten that there’s some kind of big football game going on this weekend.

More importantly, there’s a halftime show. A Katy Perry halftime show, to be exact, and judging from what we’ve heard, it may contain plenty of fireworks.

And not the literal kind, though there will almost certainly be some of those, what with Katy having a song called “Firework,” and all.

Anyway, there’s a rumor going around that Katy will diss Taylor Swift during her performance, which might seem like a remarkably petty thing to do in front of the world’s largest TV audience, but Katy did recently confirm she’s pissed at Swifty, and it would be the most epic burn ever.

Naturally, we won’t know if Katy will trash Taylor on stage or not until the big moment. What we do know is: there will be boobs.

In fact you can bet on Katy’s boobs in Vegas:

How much cleavage will she show? Will she cover them up entirely? Will they they any sort of projectiles?

These are the big questions of the moment, and you can literally place money on the outcome. How can we be expected to care about football with so many more important things at stake?!