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Kara DioGuardi, fourth judge last season on American Idol, wrote a song that was to be the first recorded single of winner Kris Allen. He received the scorn of the Idol judges when he performed it during the season finale and was told that it really didn’t fit his voice. Cowell was the most critical, even taking a few snipes at DioGuardi during the live broadcast.

When the American Idol Summer Tour launched in July, No Boundaries was set to be part of Allen’s nightly performance selections. He dropped the tune after a week, citing the fact that it slowed down the momentum of the show. OUCH!

Since nobody else appeared willing to turn her song into a hit, DioGuardi took the initiative to record No Boundaries herself, with a studio version popping up on YouTube this week. Check it out below.

We’ve also included bikini pics and a video of 11-year-old Kara DioGuardi singing. After viewing the two videos below – see the diva drama between Kara and Katy Perry on American Idolpictures and video.