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According to the newest issue of In Touch, Mariah Yeater isn’t the only one who claims to have carried Justin Bieber’s baby.

The tabloid reports that Bieber has impregnated two women since 2010 and paid to have the situations “dealt with” by his handlers.

Bieber has been the subject of potentially scandalous paternity claims in the past:

Yeater claimed she was pregnant by Bieber in 2011 and just last year an unnamed Miami woman claimed to have given birth to Justin’s baby.

In Touch does not specify if either of these incidents are the pregnancies referenced in their article.

In fact, no specifics are given by the magazine with regard to where and when the alleged incidents took place or how they were dealt with.

In Touch states only that the women in question were “taken care of financially” in exchange for their agreement to never contact Justin again.

The singer has been dating fellow pop star Selena Gomez for several years, and earlier this week it was revealed that Bieber and Gomez have gotten back together following their latest breakup.