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You may have been hoping that 2015 would be a year without Mama June news, but we have to hear about these latest tidbits, and you know what they say about misery and company.

Don’t worry, the latest isn’t as bad as the story about the Mama June sex tape and obviously it’s not as awful as her dating her daughter’s molester, because what could possibly be that horrific?

Several sources have reported that Shannon kicked Sugar Bear out over the weekend after discovering that he was trolling for potential hookup partners online.

Thompson and Sugar Bear have lived together (on and off) for several years and they have one daughter together (10-year-old family meal ticket Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson).

They were never married, but apparently that won’t prevent June and Sugar Bear from appearing on Marriage Boot Camp.

Yes, June and Sugar Bear have reportedly been approached by producers of the WE TV reality show as well as by VH1 scouts hoping to sign them for Couples Therapy.

So yeah, it’s looking more and more like the latest troubles in hillbilly paradise are just part of Mama June’s efforts to get back into the world of reality TV.

Because if you’re gonna destroy your family, why not do it in front of millions of viewers?