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We’ve learned to never be surprised by the Duggar family, but somehow their eldest son, Josh has taken the whole clan to a new low.

Josh posted a photo of his baby and toddler with their hands on a a soldier’s assault rifle online yesterday.

No, really. A baby. And a toddler. Touching a loaded AR-15.

Granted, Josh was holding the baby, so he presumably could’ve wrenched him away if he put his tiny finger on the trigger, but why take the chance, Josh?

It’s another case of the uber-religious Duggar family’s bizarre commitment to powerful firearms.

Just last month, a photo of Jessa Duggar posing with a similar weapon was posted to Facebook.

Seems strange that a family who’s so into breeding would be so preoccupied with killing machines, but maybe they feel like they have to make room for more Duggars.