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Jessica Simpson is married now and she been a mom for years, but J-Simp still knows how to party when the time is right.

Sources say Jessica and Eric Johnson were hungover at their own wedding following lavish rehearsal dinner the previous night.

“While she was getting ready, Jess kept joking about how much her head hurt,” says a member of the bridal party.


Jess is a grown woman who seems to have her stuff together, but it’s a little concerning when a bride can’t even wait until the actual wedding to get hammered.

Video of Jessica falling down drunk at her co-ed bachelorette party made the rounds last month and, well…we just hope it’s not something the mother of two makes a habit of.

Here’s hoping Jess will settle down a bit now that she’s married. After all, it’s not like she’s stuck with Nick Lachey anymore; she’s doesn’t need to drink herself into oblivion every night.