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Janine Sligar, 47, of Wray, Colorado, has been found guilty of sexual abuse of prisoner Eric McClain while working as a prison secretary.

Sligar and McClain met when he was assigned to clean her office in February, 2007. They began a sexual relationship that ended in October, 2007.

Authorities received a tip about the innapropriate relationship, and a search of Sligar’s home uncovered a journal where she detailed the affair, and explicit photographs of the sexual encounters which primarily took place in a staff restroom.

They also learned that Sligar had changed the primary beneficiary on an insurance policy from her children to McClain.

Sligar was sentenced to six months in prison, followed by five years of supervised release, and must register as a sex offender.

The Florence Federal Correctional Complex (FCC) where Sligar was employed consists of three main facilities. View photos below.