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Rumors of an Iggy Azalea sex tape began circulating on Thursday morning, and at first Iggy played the, “That’s someone else’s ginormous booty!” card.

She later confessed that the footage was legit, but claimed she was underage in the video.

Now, one of her ex-boyfriends – who goes by the awesome name of Hefe Wine – claims that he’s the one givin’ it to Iggy Ig in the tape and he thinks the public should see him in action.

Hefe says Iggy was legal at the time and fully aware that she was being recorded.

Of course, at the moment, Mr. Wine isn’t doing quite as well in the rap game as Iggy, so it stands to reason that he would like to make millions from the amateur porn.

By contrast, Iggy is the hottest artist in hip hop at the moment. So it’s not hard to see why she would want to avoid doing anything that might draw comparisons to an equally big-bootied but far less talented sex tape star.

We fully understand why Iggy wants to bury this thing, but we’d be lying if we said we weren’t a little disappointed. Those who have seen it say the tape blows Kim Kardashian’s sex tape out of the water.