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It looks like we won’t be seeing or hearing Amanda Woodward back on the streets of Melrose Place after all. Actress Heather Locklear was expected by many to return to reprise her role as Amanda, but apparently it is not to be.

A source close to the set said that “There wasn’t a way to bring her back that made sense.” No matter how the media spins it, Locklear’s side says they are the ones who turned down the deal.

Who can you look forward to seeing on the new Melrose? New mommy Ashlee Simpson will have a spot, as will the daughter of David Cassidy, Katie.

Another oldie but goody Lisa Rinna, who played Taylor McBride on the original show, is campaigning to be back on the set and is going to great lengths to show the producers that her fans miss her. If Rinna’s magic doesn’t work, don’t despair because you will get a chance to see her this summer on the pages of Playboy.

Will you watch Melrose Place this fall?