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Actor Gerald McCullouch was busy editing a video on his laptop while riding the New York City subway recently when a knife wielding man tried to swipe the computer. McCullouch, who plays ballistics expert Bobby Dawson on the hit CBS show CSI: Crime Scene Investigator, apparently had no qualms about protecting his personal property.

The 41 year old actor is also a trained boxer who spends a good deal of time in the gym. He kept a firm grip on the laptop and landed a few punches to the 39 year old assailant, who then pulled out a 10 inch kitchen knife. This caused mass bedlam within the subway car, as the other passengers headed into other cars in order to escape.

Fortunately for McCullouch, no damage was done and police arrived and arrested the man. He was charged with possessing a weapon, robbery and assault.

No stranger to being attacked, McCullouch was robbed at gunpoint in 2001 in Atlanta.