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It may take us a bit to get over this…Paris Hilton and George Clooney…yes, GEORGE, were reported to have gone on a date. You may have heard about it. Paris is still talking about it and it is freaking us out.

Hilty confirmed that the date occurred, but that her heart was still broken from her split with Good Charlotte star Benji Madden, whom she dated for nine months.

When questioned on her ‘relationship’ with Clooney, Hilton said it was just a “group of friends and she is very single.” She also loves Lucky Charms because they are magically delicious. Yeah, we made that last part up, but come on…. is she trying to ruin George’s reputation? Do you really believe that George would hook up with Hilton? Although on second thought – he has been pictured very intoxicated recently.

Benji showed Paris what friendship is all about and she is still calling him her “best friend” and says that he was the sweetest person she ever dated. We really want to go back and find a video of Paris talking about Stavros Niarchos and a few other loves of her life but the archives were way too big so you will just have to take our word for it – same old story, different guy. Sorry Benji…we’re not saying you’re not totally the “sweetest” and all, but your ex-girl is a habitual man wrecker and uses that line over and over again.

We found a video of Paris in Sundance being interviewed and yes, it might just happen to be the most nauseating video we have today, but check it out. When asked if there was anyone she would like to meet, she said no…she knows everyone. Check out the video below.

Photo: Wenn