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George Anthony, grandfather of slain Orlando girl, Caylee Anthony, was reported missing by his family on Thursday. Using GPS tracking through his cell phone, police located the man at The Hawaii Motel in Daytona Beach early Friday morning.

Orange County Sheriff’s officials pinged Anthony’s cell phone and located the signal near Bethune Point in the Daytona area. Police Chief Mike Chitwood arrived on the scene and located Anthony’s vehicle based upon a description that had been provided by his wife Cindy Anthony.

The missing man had reportedly been sending text messages to family members that said he “didn’t want to live anymore”. Police officers transported Anthony to Halifax Health Medical Center for psychiatric evaluation, where he is listed in stable condition this morning.

Caylee Anthony’s remains were found in December near the Anthony home in Orlando. George Anthony’s daughter Casey Anthony is being held on first-degree murder charges in Orange County.

See video of George Anthony as he prepared to testify before a grand jury in October 2008.