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Sometimes, in the world of celebrity gossip, we’re forced to rely on anonymous sources.

It makes sense that these people can’t be identified, because they’re frequently members of a celeb’s inner circle, and they’re just as often completely made up. (The figments of a tabloid writer’s imagination can be identified by their use of phrases like “steamy affair.”)

Anyway, sometimes those sources conflict, such as in the case of Robert Pattinson and FKA Twigs visit to Rob’s parents’ house over the holidays.

Everyone seems to agree FKA met the folks (Which makes sense, she and Rob have been dating since summer.), but there’s no consensus on how it went.

One source claims the Pattinsons liked FKA more than they ever liked Kristen Stewart:

“FKA is not as clean-cut, but that makes her more fun,” was their apparent response, and their belief that Kristen Stewart is “clean cut” makes us seriously concerned for the mental health of Rob’s parents.

Another source claims Rob’s parents don’t approve of FKA. Take it away, source:

“Although they are happy for their son, they were actually quite disapproving,” a source tells Radar Online. “The Pattinsons are a very traditional family and they thought [Twigs] was a very sweet girl, just not the one they want their son to end up with.”

“Unfortunately, his family will always compare every girl he is with to Kristen Stewart. They really, really loved Kristen.”

So it’s possible that they both love Kristen Stewart and think she’s clean? Rob, there are bigger things at stake here than your relationship. You need to get your folks in for an MRI ASAP.