Robert Pattinson's Parents Like FKA Twigs Better Than Kristen Stewart

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File this one under "duh."

It seems Robert Pattinson's parents share the opinion of millions of female Twilight fans when it comes to Kristen Stewart:

She's pale and sulky and she doesn't deserve R-Pattz!

Okay, maybe they didn't go that far, but sources say Pattinson's parents definitely prefer his new lady friend to Kristen.

In case you somehow haven't heard, Rob is dating FKA Twigs, and she endured a classic relationship rite of passage over the holidays, when Pattinson took her home to meet his parents. 

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"FKA is not as clean-cut, but that makes her more fun," said a family friend of the Pattinsons' response to Twigs.

Yes, someone just described Kristen Stewart as clean-cut. Is England some sort of Backwards Land where up is down and hamburgers eat people?

Anyway, Rob's parents are fans of FKA. They may have reached that conclusion before they saw photos of Twigs topless at their local newsstand, but it still counts.

Of course, it's not like they have much choice in the matter. It would be kinda weird if the parents preferred Kristen after she got caught cheating on Rob with a married director

Pro tip: That kind of behavior won't usually win over your boyfriend's parents.

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