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You may have heard of the Human Barbie, who’s gone under the knife countless times to look like a real-life version of the iconic doll.

Now, meet a woman with a slightly more realistic but no less baffling role model:

Claire Leeson is a 25-year-old British woman who claims she’s spent $31,000 to make herself look more like Kim Kardashian.

Claire started with teeth whitening and hair extensions, and now she’s preparing to go all in.

“I want my boobs enhanced to be the same size as Kim’s,” says Leeson. “I wear pants with a silicone implant inside. I’m currently researching [real] implants and having fat transferred from all areas of my body put into my bum.”

Wait a minute – she’s already spent over 30 grand and she hasn’t had any surgeries yet?! Claire, Claire, Claire – you may never look like Kim, but you’ve certainly mastered her talent for burning through money.

In all seriousness, poor Claire seems to have serious issues and she claims she’s put herself into massive credit card debt in her quest to look like Kim.

Someone needs to tell Claire that going broke to make yourself more like a Kardashian is the Most Ironic Thing of All Time. Alanis Morissette is writing a song about the situation as we speak.