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Britney Spears has had numerous ups and downs in her career and personal life, but judging from a recent photo that the singer posted a photo of herself and her two sons, all is finally well in Britney-land.

“What’s up summer!!!” reads the caption for the above photo of Britney, Sean and Jayden.

Based on their healthy, happy appearances, we’d say the season is certainly being kind to the Spears family thus far.

For those of you who remember the days when Britney getting knocked up was a big story, prepare to feel old: Brit’s two boys are now eight and nine years old.

Of course, Brit’s currently enjoying a residency in Vegas and the family spends most of their downtime in LA and Hawaii, so the start of summer isn’t such a big deal to the Spears boys, but still – it’s nice to see they’re enjoying it.

Spears’ boyfriend (and possible fiance) David Lucado obviously doesn’t appear in the photo, but sources say things are going swimmingly in Britney’s love life as well.

Keep killin’ it, Brit!