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In October 2006 when Britney Spears began to spiral out of control, her then manager Larry Rudolph, along with her parents, talked Britney into going to rehab. Upon Brit’s release from Promises, she trashed Larry on camera and then parted ways only to end up with Sam Lutfi. Once that controlling wackjob took charge of her career things really went haywire.

Now that Britney has her father back in her life, it seems like everything is slowly coming together and her career could be coming back. Jamie Spears, who has always been a supporter of Rudolph, has gotten the two back together and it sounds like Larry will be managing Brit’s comeback.

This is a great step in the right direction as far as we’re concerned. Since the media hype that surrounded her psychotic phase has quieted down, we’re wondering what she could possibly be doing. Clearly a case of Britney withdrawal. Sigh….