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Blind Gossip posted this very intriguing blind item on their website yesterday. Normally I’m very skeptical when it comes to blinds, but this one got my attention.

There are some celebrities that like to see themselves in the press every day. Too bad that doesn’t mean that they are sharing what is really going on behind the scenes.

This guy is from a famous family. Lots of money and lots of publicity on a daily basis. In case you are wondering what he is doing far away on the other side of the country, away from his family and the cameras and the spotlight, we have your answer.

He is in rehab.

Has been since last summer. Started out as an inpatient, has now transitioned to outpatient, living very close to the facility. He is being treated for a serious eating disorder and severe depression. His family doesn’t want you to know how far he has gone in harming himself, so for now that are pretending that if he just ate a couple of salads and did a little jogging, he will be all fixed.

And while his famous family is not there with him, he does have company in the form of his secret family. A woman and her young son. His young son. Yes, he’s a father. The boy is approximately the same age as – and looks similar to – his sister’s son.

Why is the family keeping these major events quiet? Because they are holding them in reserve as two more television show story lines for the family to exploit for financial gain if their ratings continue to drop.

Obvious guess:

IF this is true, and I don’t put it past the Kardashian Klan, it is very sad. It’s so depressing what fame has done to this family.

Photo via WENN