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The entire recorded catalog of Beatles tunes has been remastered and will be available for purchase 09/09/09. The 14 albums, 12 studio plus Magical Mystery Tour and Past Masters compilation have been enhanced and repackaged in a much hyped CD rerelease. An earlier CD version released in 1987.

The first four albums are available for the first time in stereo, a coup for die hard enthusiasts and a vast improvement over the original mono version. If you are strictly looking for improved mono sound, you will have to fork over $189.99 for an entire set as they are not available individually. Stereo versions can be had separately for $18.99 or in boxed sets from $189 to $259, with Amazon on the low end.

What can buyers expect for their money? Improved sound, extra pictures and included with each set is a 49 minute mini-documentary DVD. According to Billboard Magazine, the sets were held to a limited manufacturing run; 33,000 stereo sets and only 10,000 mono. It is expected that brisk sales could generate a second manufacturing run.

Younger listeners will likely be disappointed that the remix tunes will not be downloadable from i-Tunes….but there is something they will like. The 09/09/09 launch was timed to coincide with the unveiling of The Beatles: Rock Band video game.

View the Fab Four below.