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One time funnyman Andy Dick isn’t so funny when he drinks and he is now able to see that and is trying to do everything in his power to keep himself clean and sober.

After waltzing in and out of rehab ten times, it seems like he is now desperate to make that change. Dick’s latest arrest came last summer when he was caught groping a 17 year old girl in Murrieta, California. He was charged with drug possession and sexual battery and wound up with three years probation.

Is that enough for Dick? Wearing an alcohol monitoring bracelet to warn the authorities if he is drinking, you would think he didn’t have a choice but to stay sober or go to jail. Andy spoke exclusively to Entertainment Tonight:

“What happens to me when I drink is…I turn into a moron. I wouldn’t wake up and say ‘Today, when I drink, I’m going to be…in the back of a cop car, urinating all over myself, crying…you don’t set out to do that. I’ve got to learn how to rein it in… I don’t have an editing system on my brain or mouth.”

The actor feels certain that his addiction has cost him his career and that it will be hard to get that back. He can be seen on VH1 reality show Sober House. He was introduced on the show last night as a new celebrity guest. Good luck to Andy!

Check out video of Andy speaking of his addiction with ET.