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It looks like Abbie Cornish and Ryan Phillippe have come out of the closet and proclaimed their romance to the rest of the world. The couple are caught on camera in what appears to be a loving embrace.

Abbie and Ryan have just finished working on the film Stop Loss. Despite earlier denials, it looks like love has indeed bloomed for them. We have photos of the pair out shopping for a holiday wreath with Phillippe’s daughter Ava in tow.

Perhaps the fact that Ryan’s ex Reese Witherspoon has been seen in public with her new love interest Jake Gyllenhaal, has made the otherwise reserved Phillippe lower his guard. The Hollywood celebrities appear to have thrown caution to the wind and have declared their relationships ready for full media consumption.

We’ve included pictures below. Click continue reading this post… and then click each thumbnail photo for a better view.