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Kendall Jenner and Instagram were made for each other.

One is looked at every day by millions of narcissists who religiously study the art of the selfie, and the other is a popular photo-sharing site.

In all seriousness, though, Kendall’s blossoming modeling career is at least partially thanks to Instagram, so naturally she kept the love affair going yesterday in true Kardashian-Jenner fashion:

With partial nudity! Yes, Kendall’s lingerie photo has been steaming up screens all over the world – a fact made slightly less creepy (we guess) by the fact that KJ is now 18 and legal to ogle.

Hilariously, Kendall has has inherited her older half-sisters’ sense of self-importance, as well as their taste for revealing outfits, as evidenced by the fact that she captioned the photo simply, “Me.”

Well, at least Kendall has an excuse – she’s still a teenager! Kim and Khloe are just as self-absorbed and half-naked and they’re in their thirties!