Juan Pablo Doesn't Pay Child Support!

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The plot just thickens when it comes to Juan Pablo, doesn't it?

We all know that Juan Pablo is a father..and quit his professional soccer career in 2008 when he found out that his then-girlfriend, Carla Rodriguez, was pregnant. Well, apparently when he quit his job, he had no income coming in...SO no child support was payed.

Job=Money, Juan Pablo.

All this explains why he was on the show.  Homeboy needed dollars!

The Enquirer uncovered court documents that show JP was ordered by a judge to pay back child support in May 2011 which was 2 years after his daughter was born!

As we all know, when you don't pay the money, you pay the price...and The Florida Department of Rev­enue’s Child Support Enforcement Program began deducting $243.94 per month until the balance of back-child support was paid off.

All of this explains why he took the "job" as The Bachelor...he was in it for the pay check.

Unfortunately for his master plan now, since he is so universally loathed I don't anticipate a lot of sponsorships, or endorsement deals coming his way.