RHOBH Drama: Fans Petition to Have Brandi Glanville Kicked OFF!


Well it looks like Brandi Glanville is definitely NOT a fan favorite...viewers of The RHOBH have signed a petition on Change.org to have her removed from the reality series.

The reason?  Her mouth.  Glanville is notorious for running it nonstop and this season has been no exception.

During an episode with nemesis Joyce Giraud, Glanville made a racist statement (telling her Joyce couldn't swim because she's black) that infuriated viewers.

And then there was the molestation comment.  On Glanville's morning radio show, she told listeners she was "bummed" that she wasn't molested as a child.

Some people really should not be allowed to talk, ever.

The Change.org petition, started by a New York resident named Lori Chase, reads:

“Brandi Glanville has made repetitive comments in the open media, social media, the actual television show and interviews which are distasteful and offensive to many groups of people.  She jokes about racial stereotypes and child molestation among other very serious issues.  Her behavior and words are hurtful, offensive and repulsive beyond the point of entertainment.”

Well Lori...I'd hate to say it, but you're probably wasting your time.

What do YOU think?  Should Glanville be given the boot?