Seth Rogen Calls Justin Bieber 'A Piece of S***' and 'Obnoxious'

Tell us how you REALLY feel!  In an interview with Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live, Seth Rogen was asked about a January tweet where he compared Bieber to a piece of excrement.

Seth explains that he meant, and STILL means, every word.

"Justin Bieber is a piece of s***", Rogen told Cohen. He's obnoxious, ungrateful, and insincere". He later added, "he puts people's lives in danger," obviously referring to multiple complaints made by Justin's neighbors.

I have no doubt that Biebs will get wind of Rogen's thoughts very soon.  If only he knew how much we ALL agree.

What do you think?  Was Seth harsh or did he hit the nail on the head?