Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell Enjoy First "Real" Date


Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell enjoyed their first "real date" since filming The Bachelor.

Nikki posted a photo of the meal from Miami Restaurant Budare Bistro to Instagram, with the caption, "On our first REAL one on one date! @budare_bistro So good".

Juan closed his season of The Bachelor on Monday, choosing Nikki but refusing to say he loved her or divulge details of the relationship to Chris Harrison or the audience.  Nikki was equally tight lipped.

They DO know they signed up to be on a reality show, right?  So confusing.

No word on whether or not Nikki or Juan will be relocating for the sake of their relationship.  On the finale, Juan Pablo hinted at news from the producers that changed his previous plans.  He wouldn't say what that news was, but unconfirmed rumors are that he was informed he would NOT be on Dancing With the Stars, as he had apparently hoped.

Here's hoping Nikki doesn't give up too much before she realizes who she's gotten involved with.  Good grief.

Photo:  Nikki Ferrell, Instagram