Chris Harrison Blogs on the Bachelor Finale: 'Something Just Didn't Seem Right'


Chris Harrison broke his silence on the shocking Bachelor finale, saying in his blog that "something just didn't seem right".

Harrison said that although he was not angry with how the season ended OR angry with Juan Pablo Galavis, he did feel that his actions and silence during finale was orchestrated by Galavis to "fight the process".


Is it just me, or does NIkki look like a hostage?  I'd say orchestrated was putting it nicely, Chris.

Harrison also added that as soon as the interview was over, the pair walked off in complete silence, while the audience sat in confused silence of their own.

Awkward Bachelor finale, much?

Honestly, Nikki needs to pull her head out.  Juan Pablo signed up to do a reality show on finding love, then chose to hide the results.  Nikki could have used his support up there, but Juan Pablo hung her out to dry.

Sorry, Chris.  Better luck next season!